Change is the Only Constant

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It’s been some time since I had my fingers on the keyboard, giving my abstract thoughts a concrete form here on the blog. I’ve recently received a beautiful feedback from one of my readers. It reminded me that when we share our thoughts we connect with each other. Especially thoughts that are “naked” – no make up, no mask, no bullshit attached – those are the ones that enable me and you speak the same language.

So I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who’s been supporting me in my writings. I really appreciate that.

Change is the only constant. Oh dear is that true.

In the last weeks I’ve had some big changes in my life. It’s funny how the Universe “punishes” us when we get too comfortable, too stable. At least this has always happened to me: the moment I am stable, comfy, no big vibes in my life … thaat’s the moment something gets messed up and I’m forced to deal with a big change. Though the punishment is a gift, of course. How could change and evolution be a punishment?

Life equals change. If we like it or not.

No negotiation here, that’s what it is, life’s a constant change, and change is the only constant – the only thing that is and will be occurring always. In your body there are constant changes. Some 2 million cells are being replaced every second of your life. If this stops you’re dead. A caterpillar either changes into a butterfly or it dies. That’s nature. But when you look at our society and culture you see the same dynamics: change is natural and inevitable.

Still, we’re afraid of it. 

We’re even afraid of good change! You hear people say “yes, but you never know, perhaps it isn’t as good as it seems…”. Another rule of life: yes, you never know :-). My approach is not to categorise change as “for the better” or “for the worse”. It’s just change. And by default it’s for the better.

Why? Because life pushes you into the direction of learning and development, not in the direction of comfort and stability. My profound belief is that life is giving you constant lessons, and at the core these lessons are beneficial for you, no matter how painful they are. And some are painful beyond imagination, I know. Still, these are lessons for your own good.

If you’re ignored or mistreated by others, perhaps life is telling you to start valuing yourself, start seeing yourself as someone worth attention who deserves respectful treatment. When you start seeing yourself like that, people’s attitude changes.

If you’ve been dumped by your ex, perhaps life is opening a way towards a person that’s a much better fit for you. The sooner you accept this the sooner you’ll be happy again.

If you’re forceful, choleric and don’t get a handle on your life perhaps you should calm down and don’t force things, just let them unfold on their own pace. If, on the other hand, you lack assertiveness and action and you haven’t been able to fulfil your dreams so far… guess what? Yes, a change is needed.

The question is, if we’re afraid of change and change is life, are we afraid of life? 

Haha. I don’t want to get too philosophical here.

The better you deal with change, the better you deal with life. 

If you can’t avoid it, why fight it? 

The more you seek for stability and avoid change at all costs… the more you try to predict future and rely on this prediction, the more vulnerable you are. Because life is full of setbacks and resisting them is like resisting death, it makes no sense.

The better you deal with change, the better you deal with life.

That reminds me that I need to get up now and see how to become a butterfly.