Finally it’s here!

I’ve been asked by readers when I start giving coaching sessions on Ikigai.

So I am happy to announce that you can ask for your own session with me. I can still find a free place for you in my calendar, but who knows for how long? 

As you can see from my articles, I have a passion for personal development and people. And of course, I’m all about Ikigai – finding a deeper sense of living, finding your personal mission.

I am certified in Neurolinguistic Programming, an approach and a set of tools to help you realise how you think, feel and act AND if this is useful for you or not. If not, we’re going to make some changes together!

My sessions combine standard coaching techniques, NLP and something that goes beyond “techniques” – my own way of helping you to connect with yourself.

If you’re or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me on 

Hope to speak to you soon!