Is Reaching Your Goal Easier Than It Seems? (Tale)

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Sometimes we are so sure about how we interpret things that happen around us that we grow rigid-minded. When something occurs we try to give it a meaning and sense. At first our mind creates different interpretations, and then it settles for the most likely. And there is where we stay.

In reaching our goals we often do the same, without noticing. You have a goal in mind and think of ways how to achieve it. There are many ways that lead to Rome, but at the end you choose one way. One strategy. This is how you’re gonna do it. And while it’s great you make a plan and have a strategy, be careful not to get too much obsessed with the way. That is: get obsessed with Rome (your goal), don’t get stuck in thinking there is just one road you can take (one strategy).

If your goal is to find a job, don’t send just CVs to job offers on the internet. Be creative. If everyone is doing this, what other way can you choose?

I will share with you a tale that explains it better than anything else…


There was once a warrior who in his time had been a mighty adversary

and a master in all forms of war – except archery. Tiring of his career,

he decided to retire and spend the rest of his days studying the art of

archery. He discovered a monastery where they taught the skill, and he

happily studied there for 10 years. At the end of this time, the abbot

came to him and said, ‘My son, we have taught you all there is to know

about archery. It is time for you to leave us.’

With a heavy heart, the warrior left the monastery and for some time

wandered alone until he came to what had been his old village. To his

amazement, as he entered the village he noticed a bull’s eye on a tree,

with an arrow sticking out right from the centre.

‘Whoever shot that arrow must be a fine marksman,’ said the warrior

to himself.

He hadn’t gone much further when he saw another bull’s eye, and

another and another – and all of them had arrows in the centre of the


The warrior decided he must know who this amazing master archer

was, as there was surely much that he could learn from him. He enquired

of the elders of the town, and said, ‘Whoever that marksman is, ask him

to meet me today, in one hour’s time. I’ll be waiting by the river at the

edge of the village.’

Sure enough, one hour later, the warrior stood waiting by the river.

But there was no one there – except a little girl playing on the bank. She

noticed him and came over to where he was standing.

‘Are you waiting for someone, sir?’ she enquired, looking up at him.

The warrior shooed her away.

‘Run along, little girl, be on your way.’

‘But,’ the little girl continued, ‘I think I might be able to help.You see,

you look to me like you’re waiting for someone, and I was told to meet

someone here this afternoon, too.’

The warrior looked at her incredulously.

‘It is true,’ he said, ‘I am waiting for someone. I am waiting to meet

the finest archer in the land, the one who is responsible for shooting all

these perfect shots I see all over this village.’

‘Then this is a happy meeting,’ said the girl. ‘For I am the person who

made all those shots.’

More suspicious than ever, the man bent down and looked at her.

‘If you’re telling me the truth,’ he said, ‘tell me how exactly you got a

perfect shot every time with your arrow.’

‘That’s easy,’ replied the girl. ‘I just point my bow very straight, and

let the arrow fly. Then wherever it lands, I draw a bull’s eye.’

(Tales for Coaching by Margaret Parkin)

And what about you, are you making achieving your target harder than it needs to be?