Seeing Yourself in a Mirror Labyrinth

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The responsible and organised self at work. The lazy self on Sundays. The behaving self with grandma. The funny and warm self with best friends. The stressed and annoyed self in traffic. The cautious and observing self with strangers. The sexy mysterious self when flirting.

You name it.

We act out multiple versions of ourselves, depending on the occasion, environment and mood.

What I noticed is that people around are used to seeing just some of these facets. Consequently, they can be confused and uncomfortable when the image they have constructed of us gets twisted. So you get comments like that´s not you… you act weird… I thought you didn’t like…

When this happened to me the first thing I thought was Oh, is that perhaps really not me? Was I being too this or that? Was I so different from the normal me? I started doubting what is me and what isn´t. Based on the image others had about me.

Doing this is completely off, I can tell you. You are all of this. You embrace and personalise all versions of yourself.

Play this thought out in your mind for a second.

There is so much beauty in it.

It is like standing in a mirror labyrinth with millions of mirrors showing different angles of you. Still, all these mirrors reflect just one. 

I love the diversity in me. Sometimes it´s contradictory, sometimes one fits the other… whatever mirror I look into, it´s me.

When I go out with no makeup, it doesn´t mean I am someone who goes out without makeup – it´s just how you can see me this particular moment. When you see me being fully centred and focused, it doesn´t mean I can´t be the contrary. However, if you put a “no makeup” or “focused” label on me, you´ll be surprised.

I need to play out all these parts of me, and I do it whenever they claim for attention.

There is a huge importance in feeling free to live out all versions of yourself. When you don´t honour some parts of you, there´s trouble coming. When you are ashamed or bothered by some aspects of you, and you suppress them, they will come out anyways. If they don´t come out, you will project them on others. That is, you will reject to see some of your aspect as yours, and consequently will be bothered to see them in others around you. But these others are just acting as a mirror of yourself. 

Bottom line, it is essential to honour and love all parts of yourself. Accept your diversity in every way. There is no right version, all of them are equal. Allow your “negative” facets the stage. Cherish them as something that´s a part of you.

Only if you integrate all the mirrors, you will be able to see your true self. 

And the labyrinth will crumble in front of your eyes, transforming itself into omnipresent and infinite light.