Transforming Oxygen into Carbon Dioxide

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Today was one of those days I thought it was a good time to write, because I had some spare time before I would engage into other activities. Similar like entering a meeting into an agenda, I decided now is the right moment to create an article.

So I sat to my computer, put my fingers on the keyboard and tried to choose a topic for an article. I had some ideas, but every time I tried to play with the idea, the idea would not play with me. So I said goodbye to that idea and tried to convince another idea to get into symbiosis with my mind so I could start writing. Once again no symbiosis, I wouldn’t be able to start even one sentence.

Then I smiled.

I understood I myself was in the way, and had to step aside.

When you go over the lines I’ve just written, you’ll see that I had a complete erroneous attitude for writing. I wanted to write because I had time, I decided, I wanted it to be now.

Writing is art, and art cannot be born when you think you’re the one giving birth to it. Art, in its nature, will never be achieved by the means of conscious doing, control or ego. Art is happening on a level that is above the conscious will. Your conscious will can allow it space, it can prepare the conditions for it to emerge, but you will never be able to create art with conscious will.

You are not the one doing art, you’re not the actor. You are the vehicle by which means art chooses to manifest itself. Art is like air that chooses to get into your lungs and transforms oxygen into carbon dioxide that leaves your body.

You may think you’re no artist. But I am sure you love, and love works the same way.

You cannot decide to love or force love. Once again, you’re not the one consciously doing love, but the one allowing it to happen. You’re not the actor of love, but the vehicle.

In order to be the vehicle for art or love, I think a certain attitude is required: the attitude of no control, humbleness and complete trust.

If you let go of control, you accept you cannot influence anything.

If you’re humble, your ego steps aside – and allows something bigger then itself to be the actor.

If you trust in the process, you create the space for IT to happen whenever and however it wants to happen.

After stepping aside and getting myself out of the way I was able to write this article. I became the vehicle by which this article chose to manifest itself.

And as funny as it may sound, I wasn’t really the creator of this.

I just allowed oxygen to transform into carbon dioxide.