All Pieces Falling Together: Your Life is a Tetris

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Different shapes in different colours falling down.

You need to be quick, turn them… move them… make them all fall into place! Sometimes you make a shape merge perfectly with the others, sometimes one stands out and messes up the whole setup. You can’t control the speed and you can’t predict what shape is next and from which direction it surprises you. That’s what Tetris is about.

The challenge of this popular game from the 80s is a symbolism for what happens in our lives. All kind of stuff is coming to us every day from various directions. We seem to be receiving it out of the blue, and often don’t know what to do with it.

Your life is just like that.

You can apply the Tetris to anything you want. All what life brings to you, all the beauty and joy, the sorrow and the pain.

But wait… There is one big difference between your quick finger movements on the Tetris console and your life Tetris.

Your life is a Tetris where all pieces fall into place. There is no mistake. No error. No doubt. 

Just as nature doesn’t create a misshaped tree or cloud, your life can’t be misshaped or out of place. 

Your beautiful and intelligent mind will protest now: Hold on… that makes no sense! There is so much in my life that’s far from perfect. I really need to find another job… and I wish I were more lucky, as just yesterday once again I lost … and yes, sure… if I could change this… in short, it makes no sense what you’re saying here. This is so confusing! My life is totally messed up. How can you say it’s like a Tetris? My Tetris console seems to be in the hands of a 2-year old! 

That’s what your mind does. Your mind is like a knife. You can use a knife to cut bread, and you can use it to do harm. As your mind is on autopilot sometimes it does good, sometimes it does harm, and you don’t know the difference.

I’m saying this because the human mind is very complex and it doesn’t like the simple and humble idea of all your life being perfect just as it is. It feels threatening to accept this. It feels like surrender.

I invite you to breathe in all the emotions that come to you when you think of your life as a perfect Tetris.

Observe all the thoughts, feel al the feelings. All the frustration, fear, anger, doubts. It’s fine to let it come up. But don’t accept these feelings, don’t identify with them.

And with every breath you will come closer to embracing your own Tetris, your own perfect life. You’ll see that your life is like a beautiful melody, like art, like nature… you are falling into place. 

If you doubt that, just think what the chances are for you to have been born?

One in a million? One in a billion? One in an infinite.

And still, here you are, reading this article.

How can your Tetris be wrong if it created YOU.

And for one tiny moment, you close your eyes, look into the black… and see there are no limits, no misshapes… you are infinite, powerful, and a perfect creation of life.