The Biggest Risk is Not to Take Any

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Again the devil you know? 

Following the Spanish elections I’ve been reminded again of how many of us stick to the comfort zone like a newborn to the navel string. 

I’m not too much into politics. Still, the general elections in the country you live in are hard to miss. And even harder to miss is the result. The country has voted the same party once again, that is the “devil they know”. A party known for massive corruption that seems to have brought little positive change in the last years.

One of my previous posts called Better the Devil You Know…  already addressed the power of the comfort zone in comparison to change and the unknown. These recent political events called my attention to write some lines about the comfort zone and taking risks.

Comfort zones give comfort only to the shortsighted

Some say that the biggest risk is not to take any. Some years ago I would have disagreed. I am by nature very cautious and used to be rather conventional and traditional in my opinions. Then I realised that this mindset is not taking me anywhere. It kept me comfortable, but in a very uncomfortable way.

That is, remaining in comfort zones is “comfortable” only in short terms, not in long terms. They are comfortable for the shortsighted. It’s like when your tooth hurts and you know you have to see the dentist. Waiting and not doing anything, just perhaps taking some pain killers may keep you more comfortable than the painful visit at the doctor. For a limited time. But how long does it take until the problem gets bigger?

So yes, it’s not easy, but I am becoming someone who tries not to stick to problematic comfort zones too long. Someone who thinks that the biggest risk is not to take any.

Even no choice is a choice and has its consequences 

Speaking of risks, what is a risk actually? We associate the word to negative things only. Perhaps you come up with images of crossing the road on red or playing at the casino. But a risk is any situations where the outcome is unknown and may be good or bad. This can be applied to anything.

The important is to know that action as well as inaction is a choice and can be a risk. If you think that sitting on the sofa and not doing anything is risk-free you’re wrong. You may run the risk of getting depressed, neglect important tasks etc. Every choice has consequences. Even not doing anything or not taking any choice is a choice and has its consequences. 

So next time, when you don’t give your vote remember you’re taking a decision that has its consequences. 

When you decide to stick to the old and known remember you may be just taking pain killers. 

When you you think something’s too risky consider how risky it is not to try. 

Think of the long-term effects of your choices.