What My Birth Chart Helped Me Realize

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When things won’t go the way you think 

Recently my mind was all over the place.

Actually, it has been all over the place for a long time already. I would jump from one thought to another quickly, even from one field of study to another just in a few days. Finishing my NLP Master certification, studying psychosomatics, reading various self-help books at the same time and most recently jumping into astrology and having my birth chart explained to me.

My curiosity in the field of self-development seems to have no end. That’s fantastic!, you may say. But it is actually quite frustrating. I’m losing focus way too fast and can’t stick to one thing long enough.

I’ve never seen myself as someone losing focus easily or having a scattered attention. But I had to admit this was really happening to me all the time. And I hated it. How could I just stick to one thing and become an expert in this one thing without leaving the ship again?

Facing reality 

“Forget it, you’re always going to be engaged in more things at once,” Andrés told me.

Andrés is an expert in astrology, specialised in psychological aspects of the birth chart. I had a Skype session with him, where he explained to me some characteristics of my planets, energies between them, my zodiac signs… and how all this influences me.

My friend had an analysis done and she was so excited about it that I thought I’m just gonna go for it as well.

And yes, it was astonishing!

I’ve been given information that was so much fitting me and my style of doing things that I couldn’t believe you can read this out from the planets’ position in the moment of your birth.

I won’t get into much detail… But there was this scattered attention and jumping from one topic to another thing – I didn’t even mention it, Andrés himself told me that I may have difficulties with keeping my focus, and that it’s because of my Moon in Gemini.

If the zodiac sign of the Moon position in your moment of birth lies in Gemini, be prepared for a challenge. The Moon sign is the little child in you, the unconscious part that is visible in your reaction to things and it’s also your comfort zone. In my case it showed that my comfort zone lies in giving my curiosity free expression and letting my mind jump from one thing to another… always looking for more and more but never really sticking to anything specific. 

I could totally identify with this. But I felt this was rather an obstacle than a gift. “Not necessarily”, I was told. It depends on how you make use of this skill. Rather than thinking of being an expert in one field only, I was advised to go on writing about different things, giving courses or speeches where I can combine and relate to many things… and just enjoy doing it. It can be a strength or a weakness – depending on how you look at it.

Staying humble and making the most of yourself 

Once again I realised how all too often we aren’t good enough to ourselves. We see the pain points and think of them as a curse, instead of embracing them and thinking: Hey, this is me. And that’s fine, I love being me.

If you feel like there’s something specific about you and your way of doing things, it’s probably deeply rooted, and part of you. Try to turn the coin and see what treasures are hidden under this “curse”. I’m sure you can make a good use of them!

P.S. Yes, honouring my Gemini Moon, I’m gonna get into astrology as well.