Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.  

That’s one of the most inspirational quotes I’ve recently heard.

It made me realize that only by doing something you can be sure if you like it or not. I decided to make a gentle move from thought to engagement in the form of writing.

Some years ago I felt a growing emptiness inside me. What surrounded me was too shallow, too superficial, meaningless. I would go to work that didn’t inspire me, didn’t generate any spark of light in me. I couldn’t find a hobby that would compensate for it – that would nurture my soul and my curiosity.

So I went back to the roots. Back to what I loved as a child. At early age I found myself contemplating deep topics such as the meaning of life, where we come from and where we’ll go… and I’ve always loved analysing people’s motives for thinking and acting the way they do. I started reading books and couldn’t stop. From Anthony Robbins, Tim Ferris to Eckhart Tolle, David Hawkins and books about buddhist philosophy. I sticked to the world of self-development, philosophical and spiritual topics. And I’m afraid I won’t be leaving this world anymore. 

At the same time I’m very keen on discovering one’s passion, talent and strengths and finding a job that gives space for these seeds to grow. This is why you’ll see many work-related articles. 

When I came across the Japanese term Ikigai, I loved it. It’s so simple and embraces everything. A reason for being is what gives us hold in our day-to-day and drives us to do what we feel we’re meant to do. 

The aim of this blog is to inspire you.

To open your mind.

To question your (and my) way of thinking. 

And to start your journey of finding your own personal Ikigai.  

The articles on this blog express my personal opinion and not the ultimate truth.

I appreciate feedback of all kind! Please let me know your thoughts, comments, ideas on form or content.

Thanks for for being here.


UPDATE: Lately I have been busy writing books together with my partner and co-author Charan and wasn’t able to dedicate much time to this blog, sorry! Check out our books on Amazon, you’ll find me under the name “Jana Capri“.