Best Things Come with No Guarantees

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Life is a labyrinth that has one thing in common 

Life is a labyrinth. We keep walking in it and looking for a door to our purpose and fulfilment.

Some of us know what they’re looking for and feel they’re on the right track.

Some of us have no idea what they’re looking for. It doesn’t matter which way they’re going, finding the door is left to chance.

Some of us are on the right way but surrender just before finding it.

Some of us are pushed and pulled in a million directions based on what others tell us.

Some of us are not aware that they’re in a labyrinth and that there’s a door to find. 

No matter how we walk the labyrinth of life and what our story is, there is one thing we all have in common: there is no guarantee we will find it.

Looking for the secure

It strikes me as something beautiful and at the same time frustrating: The best things in life come with no guarantees. Yet we are wired to search for the safe and secure everywhere we can. We want to study a degree that guarantees us a secure job in future. Everything we buy we want it to have a guaranteeto make sure we can give it back when it doesn’t meet our expectations. We work hard to secure our pension when we retire. But no matter how hard we try, we can never be a hundred percent sure that those things go as we want them to.

Trusting ourselves

And the most significant and often best things of life come with no guarantees at all. We can’t be sure that the person we fall in love with is the Mr. or Mrs. Right. A woman can’t take for granted that she’ll give birth to a child and that this child will be healthy. We don’t know how long we stay on this planet and no one can tell us what happens after we die.

No matter how hard we try, how well we analyse or how much we know – there is very few we can be sure of. Wayne W. Dyer says that most people understand “security” in the sense of external guarantees, such as possessions, money, or a job. These types of guarantees are a myth. He’s emphasising another type of security, which is much more important as we carry it inside us: “There is a different kind of security that is worth pursuing and this is done in the internal security of trusting yourself to handle anything that may come down the pike. This is the only lasting security, the only real security.”  

Three steps in the right direction

When there is no map of the labyrinth of your life and there is no guarantees you find your door, you can do the following three things. 

1. Know yourself and know which door you’re looking for. Knowing yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, your values and what drives you… all this helps you find the right direction. Many people who feel insecure and lost in life don’t know what they are really after. They expect that a sense of purpose and fulfilment just hits them one day. While it is not impossible that you stumble upon the needle in the haystack, it is definitely more probable to find the needle if you know how it looks like, where it can be and where not, and develop a strategy to find it.

2. Follow the road less travelled: follow your intuition. In the first step I explained that you need to establish a strategy to find fulfilment in life, as this way it is more likely you’ll find it. The second step of following your intuition means that in moments of doubts you’ll listen to your gut rather than your mind. That’s something I’m still learning. If you’re a very rational person like me, I guess you’ll struggle a bit. We’re so used to considering the pros and cons, and deciding what’s “reasonable” that we ignore what our gut is telling us. I am sure your gut knows something your mind doesn’t.

3. Trust yourself in handling whatever comes your way. Speaking of trust, this step requires confidence in yourself and the “process” – that is that you’re going the right way, although there is still no proof of it. Being aware of obstacles on your way and trusting yourself that you can handle anything brings inner security and peace. Easier said than done, yes! But who said it’s going to be easy?

Stop looking for outside guarantees that are out of your control.

Better trust yourself and the process.

As the best things in life come with no guarantees. 


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