I Don’t Know What to Do In Life
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Especially young people are often asking themselves: What should I do in life? What is my perfect job, what is my mission here?  And all too often, we don’t have the answer.  It’s ironic that in our western civilisation with so … Read More

A Different Perspective on Life
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In today’s post I’d like to share with you an excerpt from The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz. He describes the world we live in, the dream we have built and we believe in… and that has nothing … Read More

…Compared With Whom?
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In last week’s article Be Where You Want in Life: The One Thing You Need I explored the topic of confidence in oneself. This is a huge topic and I would like to stick to it for a moment. I … Read More

Be Where You Want in Life? The One Thing You Need
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  Every successful person has it. Every happy person has it. You should have it. The other day I was thinking: If there was one thing I should work on, what would it be?  Get more efficient in what I … Read More

How To Be a Loser
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A new year has started. Many of us are looking forward to start from scratch – start doing something good and stop doing something bad. Some of us are going to succeed, plenty of us won’t. If you’re looking for articles … Read More

The Luxury of Today: Having Time AND Money
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  A good balance of time and money: The luxury of today Look around you and see what most people nowadays are after. I would argue it comes down to happiness and a sense of peace and fulfilment in life. But … Read More

Self-sacrifice in Relationships is Looking for Trouble
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Self-sacrifice happens when we do something for someone else we don’t want to do. We then sacrifice ourselves – our time, effort, energy etc – hoping the other person will do the same. I would like to start with a … Read More

It Doesn’t Mean There’s Nothing Just Because You Don’t See It
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Sometimes you plant a seed, watch it grow and hope you get a precious plant. With high expectations you sit and watch, go away and come back… But you don’t see any plant growing. So you make the effort and plant another one. This time … Read More

We Forgot We Are Born Creators
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If I asked you what you create throughout your day, many of you would answer “nothing”. Perhaps you do and you’re just not aware of it, and perhaps you really don’t create almost anything, but the important thing to bare … Read More

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