Below some hand-picked videos to get you pumped up or inspired. And yes, I do have a weakness for TEDx talks.

You’ll find this symbol  for videos you’ll have a laugh.


Personal development, passion and creativity 

What do you wake up for? The Ikigai Concept; 02:25

What if money was no object? by Alan Watts; 03:04

What one skill equals an awesome life? TEDx by Dr. Shimi Kang; 19:13

Do schools kill creativity? TEDx by Ken Robinson; 20:03 

How to live to be 100+ TEDx by Dan Buettner; 19:39

Why we’re unhappy – the expectation gap TEDx by Nat Ware; 19:50

Talent & Strengths 

Trombone player wanted Chapter 1 by Marcus Buckingham; 15:37

Trombone player wanted Chapter 2/1 by Marcus Buckingahm; 07:21

Trombone player wanted Chapter 2/2 by Marcus Buckingham; 15:29

Career & Workplace

How to find and do work you love TEDx by Scott Dinsmore; 17:56

Why work doesn’t happen at work TEDx by Jason Fried; 17:21

The secrets of people who love their jobs TEDx by Shane Lopez; 22:58

Why you will fail to have a great career TEDx by Larry Smith; 14:59 

Building a business from inside out – A soulful approach to entrepreneurship by Marie Forleo; 32:15

Start with why – How great leaders inspire action TEDx by Simon Sinek; 18:01

How to Be a Great Leader – Inspiring Others to Do Remarkable Things by Marie Forleo and Simon Sinek; 35:05